Whether played for money or not, at its heart poker is all about competition – playing the cards and more importantly playing the other people at the table. If you are looking for something that is really going to challenge your all round poker skills or try something new and exciting then 10 Game Poker may the perfect option for you.

What is 10 Game Poker

Like the name suggests this is a collection of ten mixed poker games variations played in a certain sequence. Following up on the popularity of HORSE, the popularity of 10 Game Poker is also on the increase so now is a good time to test it out, and if you enjoy it, then get good at it to prepare for some juicy games. The ten games included are Fixed Limit (FL) Hold’em, FL Stud High/Low, Pot Limit Omaha, FL 2-7 Triple Draw, FL Razz, No Limit (NL) Hold’em, FL Omaha High/Low, FL Stud, NL 2-7 Single Draw, and FL Badugi. The games are usually played in that order with ten hands of each variation. Mixing up the fixed and no limit formats makes the whole experience trickier, but more rewarding when played well. One nice feature of these games is that it is attracting a lot of new players who may not be as skillful or have not fully developed their mix poker strategy, which provides some good opportunities. Along with that, there is a wide variety of betting options on offer so players with any bankroll size will find something for them.

The Poker Formats

This mixed games poker offers ten different formats, some more well known than others. Here is a brief rundown of each that you will need to know.

  • FL Hold’em – around ten years ago this was the most popular form of poker being played. On the turn, bets double so pay attention to big pots where your opponents are less likely to fold for a single bet.
  • FL Stud High/Low – In this game, the pot is split at the showdown between the best low hand and the best high hand. In this variety of 7 card stud aces are low and suited babies are desirable.
  • PL Omaha – Another highly popular poker format that provides experienced players to pick up a lot of money from the less experienced at the table.
  • FL 2-7 Triple Draw – Each player needs to make the lowest hand they can over 3 draws with aces being high. The best hand is 2,3,4,5,7 and flushes and straights count against you. Big pots are on offer here and make sure to remember that aces are HIGH.
  • FL Razz – A variation of stud where you need to make 5 low cards that are unique from 7 card hands. Aces are low, and the best hand is the ‘wheel’ – A,2,3,4,5.
  • No Limit Hold’em – The premier poker format and highly profitable. Position playing and value betting with strong hands can be a good strategy to take in this game.
  • Limit Omaha High-Low – Players often grasp the rules of this format but still end up chasing with each and every hand to the river (high or low).
  • Limit Stud High – A seven card stud variation where the high hand scoops the pot. There is an extra round when compared to Hold’em so it can be costly to go after the second best hands here.
  • No Limit 2-7 Single Draw – Aces are high and flushes and straights count against you in this game where you need to make the lowest hand possible. There is one draw only and no limit to the wagering amount which makes it fast and exciting.
  • Fixed Limit Badugi – This is also a low card game where you need four cards that are low and of different suits. Perhaps less known than the other games this can give experienced players a chance to win off less experienced ones who may not understand the game as well.


One of the keys to being good at 10 game poker is clearly to have an excellent understanding of all of the games included and a good solid knowledge of poker fundamentals in general. Then it is a case of playing as much as possible to develop your mix poker strategy and there are more and more places offer this style of poker format live and online.