The popularity of online gambling keeps increasing as more people turn to web-based casinos for their dose of fun. Online casino games cater to the gambling requirements of a very broad clientele. One type of player that these casinos appeal to is the poker enthusiast. Poker is one of the most played games in the world for both fun and competition. As with a lot of other gambling games, poker teaches several skills that players will find useful in other games.

Skills Acquired from Poker

A bit of poker relies on chance but skill is a significant factor. Poker players have to develop winning strategies for every game. They also learn math skills because the game is based on probabilities. You have to know how to calculate pot odds and use statics to work out a winning formula. Money management is another ability you can acquire by playing poker. A player must be able to keep a constant flow of cash to bet with because when it’s depleted, you can’t play.

In poker, you will win and lose, which demands a lot of patience. A poker player knows how to bide time and wait for their strategy to work. These skills will come in handy in other games like casino hold’em. A lot of other selections are available for poker players; you only have to know which ones are most suitable.

Casino Hold’em

For a poker player looking for an alternative card game with somewhat similar rules, casino hold’em is a viable option. Net Gaming, Playtech, Galewind, Real Time Gaming and Gamesys are some of the platforms that the best uk casinos use for casino hold’em. In this game, you bet against the house as opposed to another player. A 52 standard deck is used, and each player starts by placing an ante bet. The dealer and player get two cards each with the player’s facing up. There are three community cards that are also dealt face up.

The player then has to call, meaning placing a bet two times the ante wager, and the dealer adds two more community cards. Or, the player can fold, closing the round and losing the ante wager. For play, the five community cards are used, plus the four from the dealer and player. The point is to get the best possible 5-card combination. Casino hold’em ranks hands in the same hierarchy as online poker with the royal flush being the strongest and the high card the weakest.


If a poker player wants to try out something different without feeling completely out of depth, roulette is an excellent alternative. One upside of roulette is that its rules are not complex. The game involves a spinning wheel where a player has to bet where the ball will end up at the end of each rotation. You have to wager before the ball drops, and when the round ends, you get your payout if you win. In casinos that offer live dealers, the dealer makes the call when to close the betting period. If there are no dealers, you decide when to spin the wheel.

Roulette has several betting options, which fall into inside and outside bet classes. An inside bet is where the player bets on picks from inside the rectangle- where all the numbers are located. Single number wager, the split and corner bet are examples of the options available. Outside bets are the ones that contain numbers from the table’s perimeter. Players can select colours or groups of numbers as opposed to single number bets. A player should find out the house edge, payouts and odds before stating a game of roulette.


If you are looking to put your card skills to the test in something other than online poker, baccarat is interesting enough. The game can have 12-14 players start with each one betting on the Player hand or the Banker hand (these are marked on the table). Once the bets are in, the Player and Banker get two cards each. Eight decks of cards are used for the game.

The goal when playing baccarat is to predict which hand, between the Banker and Player, will have a point value closer to 9. If either of the two has an 8 or 9 after the first set of cards are dealt, that’s a natural win, and the game is over. A third card can be drawn for the Player if the value is less than 6. Players should learn the various rules of third card draws and the value attached to each card before engaging in baccarat.

UK online casinos offer poker players a multitude of options, and not just online card games, where they can make use of their gaming skills.