A poker tournament involves participants who compete to win a total prize pool share. The tournament can include as few as two players or as many as hundreds of players in a table. Online poker is playing poker game over the internet. The online casino tournaments offers a player the chance to play different games for low fees and the possibility of winning huge sums of cash prizes. Some of the reasons why online poker tournaments are gaining popularity include:

Cheap Investment

Online poker gaming requires a small cash investment to cater for internet connectivity. You also need to place bets which are affordable amounts and offer the potential of winning huge returns.

Consistent Fees

Online poker tournament fees have remained unchanged for a long time and have allowed many players to get to understand the various tournament fee percentages at multiple sites. Consistent payments have contributed to the popularity of the game due to the ever fixed fees charged.

Gaming Convenience

Availability of the internet has brought the satisfaction of playing online tournaments since players can play from the comfort of their homes using laptops or a mobile device. The convenience of paying gaming sites through diverse channels such as online wallets and credit cards have attracted many players into the game.

Playing Live

Online poker sites offer players the chance of showcasing their events live from satellite tournaments which is an excellent opportunity to showcase their gaming abilities.

The online poker game is a simple game that requires little training. Knowledge of poker guidelines is crucial in poker tournaments especially as you try it for the first time in an online platform. If you are wondering what is an online poker tournament, and how to play it, here are some of the basics:

How to Play Online Poker

  • The first requirement is to download the online poker game software in your device if you intend to play at your location.
  • You then proceed to deposit money in an online poker site using a credit card.
  • Choose the right version of the poker game since numerous versions exist to choose from.
  • Find the best online poker site. Plenty of poker gaming sites exist to choose from. Big sites have more players and have many games at any given time as compared to smaller sites which may have few games to engage in.
  • Choose your preferred online poker tournament. Online tournaments offer a chance for thousands of players to participate especially on weekends when most people are free from work commitments.
  • Choose a game to start with. Check on the online poker lobby and choose the game you wish to begin with and proceed to place the stakes you want to play, the number of players you want and start the game.
  • Track your results. This helps you to gauge your progress in the online platform.

Online Poker Gaming Strategies

Knowledge of the gaming strategy is essential before playing any game. Some of the best strategies you can deploy before playing include:

1. Long Sessions

Most of the online poker games take a long time to complete. You, therefore, need to be patient and prepared for a lengthy session, especially for the big tournaments.

2. Keep It Simple

Try to keep it simple and place stakes that you can afford to lose especially if you are trying it online as a beginner. This is to avoid losing money as you try to stake high before learning the game well especially as you transition from the physical poker tournaments in casinos to online poker gaming platforms.

3. Poker Mindset

Always practice and challenge yourself into playing regular tournaments to improve your online gaming ability. Ensure you are keen to learn even as you keep winning the tournaments continuously. Winning should not give you any self-assurance and put aside your training and practice.

Losing a tournament should not discourage you into ditching the poker game. Having the poker mindset should enable you to know that to win and to fail is part of the game and all you need is continuous practice.


The above guidelines should assist you to sharpen your poker skills and play the poker tournament in an online platform which is a new trend away from the physical casino tournaments. Numerous sites offer an opportunity for poker fans to try various tournaments while at the same time comparing what is available across the online gaming platforms. The online platform enables you to play the tournaments at the comfort of your home and try your luck of winning big money.