Texas Hold’em is one of the most exciting poker games; it is very logical and learning how to play it is quite simple. In just a few minutes, you could be ready to play for real money. Here are some of the texas hold’em rules, tricks and tips you need to be aware of to start playing the game. The Game Setup Texas Hold’em is played by a maximum of 10 players on a single table and the goal is to win as many chips as you can per pot. A pot is won when a player gets the best hand, or when all otherRead More →

Texas Hold’em poker is one of the most popular poker variants out there. It involves each player being dealt their own two cards, before 5 ‘communal’ cards are brought into play. Players use a combination of these two cards and some of the communal cards to try and create a winning hand. Texas Hold’em has always been popular in the online poker community. Prior to the advent of online casinos in around 2008, this poker variant was a huge feature of televised poker. What do you do if Texas Hold’em just isn’t doing it for you any more? There is an answer and its nameRead More →